Fongyi Tutorial Academy

Coordinates: 22°37′37.8″N 120°21′33.4″E / 22.627167°N 120.359278°E / 22.627167; 120.359278

Fongyi Tutorial Academy

The Fongyi Tutorial Academy (Chinese: 鳳儀書院; pinyin: Fèngyí Shūyuàn) was a tutorial academy during the Qing Dynasty rule of Taiwan in Fongshan District, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.[1][2]


The building was built by Jhang Ting-cing in 1814 during Jiaqing Emperor rule. On 13 November 1985, the building was designated as level 3 historical monument. In 2007, the Kaohsiung City Government acquired the land title of the academy and restoration to the building commenced with a total budget of NT$ 100 million.[3][4]


The building was built using traditional Chinese style with wooden carving and tablets inscribed with phrases describing good manners.[5]


The building is accessible within walking distance east from Fongshan Station of Kaohsiung MRT.

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