Florian Schulz

Florian Schulz
Born (1975-12-21)December 21, 1975
Weingarten, Germany
Nationality German
Occupation Wildlife Photographer
Website Florian Schulz

Florian Schulz is a professional nature and wildlife photographer based in southern Germany whose striking images have garnered international recognition.

Photographic career

Florian Schulz has become a world-renowned, award-winning photographer dedicated to the support of conservation efforts to protect endangered ecosystems. Sponsored by the Blue Earth Alliance, his book “Yellowstone to Yukon – Freedom to Roam”, (The Mountaineers Books) was awarded by the Independent Book Publishers (IPPY Awards) one of the “Top Ten Outstanding Books of the Year” under the category: “Most Likely to Save the Planet”. Several images selected from his book are on display today in the American Museum of Natural History under the collective exhibit: Yellowstone to Yukon.

Florian Schulz is the youngest Founding Member of the newly founded International League of Conservation Photographers (ILCP) which empowers conservation-minded photographers to use their talents to help create an understanding for the natural world.[1]


Articles and images have been published by internationally recognized magazines like the BBC Wildlife Mag (Britain), Nature’s Best, Outdoor Photographer, PhotoMedia, National Parks Magazine, The Nature Conservancy, The New York Times (USA), and Natur & Kosmos (Ger), as well as in numerous international book publications like Transboundary Conservation and the Human Footprint (Mex).

Recognized as an outstanding speaker, he features internationally Multi Media presentations about his extended travels through southern Africa and the North American Continent. His photographs have won numerous awards in leading international photography competitions like Wildlife Photographer of the Year, owned by the Natural History Museum and BBC Wildlife, Nature’s Best Photography Awards, The Banff Mountain Photo Competition and the GDT European Photographer of the Year.

Florian Schulz was awarded the 2006 Philip Hyde Environmental Grant by the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA), which honors individual members actively working on a conservation project based on photography. During the first “ICF Pro Tour Competition 2006” in the state of Texas, Florian Schulz was awarded one of the top 10 photographers that participated in this challenging competition. This tournament uses nature photography to promote conservation among ranchers in Texas.

He is passionate about composition, lighting and drama to create stunning images, but getting the perfect photo is not all that counts:

“… The vision of Y2Y is a gift that future generations will be able to cherish forever. Through my work, I hope to fuel the new conservation movement of connectivity and perhaps, sharing my photography will move people’s heart to get involve in saving North America’s greatest treasure.” -Florian Schulz

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