Flavio Cattaneo

Flavio Cattaneo

Flavio Cattaneo (born Rho, Italy June 27, 1963) is an Italian business executive. Flavio Cattaneo was appointed head of RAI SpA company in April 2003, as General Manager, which he held till August 2005.

Personal Life

Flavio Cattaneo is engaged with the former Italian showgirl Sabrina Ferilli.

Arrest of Flavio Cattaneo's brother due Terna Spa company freud

Matteo Cattaneo, brother of Flavio Cattaneo, was arrested for fraud on September 2011 while Flavio Cattaneo was the head of the Terna Spa gas company.[1]

Current position

Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer at Terna S.p.A. from 2005 to present.[2]
Terna's board of directors confirmed Flavio Cattaneo as chief executive of the power grid operator during their last meeting.[3]


Flavio Cattaneo earned a bonus of 40 million euro working as CEO at the Telecom Italia company for just 3 months; this has been stated by some market economy analysts as an unfair bonus, because of the high debt of the company (Telecom Italia has a debt of 26 billion euro).[4]


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