Flat-Out Jump Suite

Flat-Out Jump Suite
Studio album by Julius Hemphill
Released 1980
Recorded June 4 & 5, 1980
Genre Jazz
Length 41:24
Label Black Saint
Producer Giovanni Bonandrini
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Flat-Out Jump Suite
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Flat-Out Jump Suite is an album by jazz saxophonist Julius Hemphill recorded in 1980 for the Italian Black Saint label.[1]


The Penguin Guide to Jazz selected this album as part of its suggested Core Collection.[2]

The Allmusic review by Brian Olewnick awarded the album 3 stars calling it "a solid set from a quartet of fine musicians".[3]

Professional ratings
Review scores
Penguin Guide to Jazz[2]
The Rolling Stone Jazz Record Guide[4]

Track listing

All compositions by Julius Hemphill
  1. "Ear" - 8:54
  2. "Mind (1st Part)" - 12:25
  3. "Mind (2nd Part)" - 3:17
  4. "Heart" - 9:50
  5. "Body" - 6:58



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