Fitnat Hanım

Born Istanbul, Turkey
Died 1780
Pen name Fitnat
Occupation Poet
Nationality Ottoman Turkish

Fitnat Hanım (died in 1780) was the pen name of Ottoman Turkish woman poet Zübeyde, who lived in the 18th century. Her birth date is not known. But she was probably younger than her brother, who was born in 1723/4.[1]

She is known by her pseudonym Fitnat, where "Hanım" is the Turkish word "lady". Her father was Ebu İshakzade Mehmet Esad Efendi, who was a Sheik ul-Islam, highest religious authority. Her husband was Derviş Mehmet Efendi, a kazasker (judge) of Rumeli. She was able to be admitted to the literary circles of the era, and she was known to read poems to Koca Ragıp Pasha, the grand vizier.[2] Some of her poems were translated to Western languages in the 19th century.[1] Muallim Naci, a well known poet of the 19th century calls her "queen of the poets".[3]


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