Finisterre Range

Finisterre Range
Finisterre Range

Location in Papua New Guinea

Highest point
Elevation 4,150 m (13,620 ft)[1]
Prominence 3,709 m (12,169 ft)[2]
Ranked 41st
Isolation 150 kilometres (93 mi)
Listing Ultra
Coordinates 05°57′15″S 146°22′30″E / 5.95417°S 146.37500°E / -5.95417; 146.37500Coordinates: 05°57′15″S 146°22′30″E / 5.95417°S 146.37500°E / -5.95417; 146.37500
Location Papua New Guinea
First ascent 25 June 2014
Easiest route YDS class 3

Finisterre Range is a mountain range in north-eastern Papua New Guinea, at 5°48′S 146°06′E / 5.8°S 146.1°E / -5.8; 146.1. The highest point 5°57′15″S 146°22′30″E / 5.95417°S 146.37500°E / -5.95417; 146.37500, which is ranked 41st in the world by prominence, has an elevation of 4,150 m.[1] Although the range's highpoint is not named on official maps, the name "Mount Boising" is used locally.[1] This peak was possibly the most prominent unclimbed peak in the world until the first known ascent on 25 June 2014.[3][4]

The range runs into the Saruwaged Range to the east and together they form a natural barrier between the Ramu and Markham valleys to the south and Vitiaz Strait to the north. Many rivers originate in this range, including some tributaries of the Ramu.

The Finisterre Range campaign (1943–1944) of World War II, including a series of actions known as Battle of Shaggy Ridge, saw fierce fighting between Australian and Japanese forces.

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