Final Exit (band)

Final Exit
Origin Umeå, sweden
Genres Hardcore Punk
Years active 1994–1997, 2007, 2012
Labels Desperate Fight Records, Monument Records
Associated acts Refused, Abhinanda, AC4, The (International) Noise Conspiracy
Members David Sandström
Dennis Lyxzén
Kristofer Steen
Pär Hansson
Anders Johansson
Jens Noren

Final Exit was a Swedish hardcore punk band which originating from Umeå, Sweden, formed in 1994. The band was a side project made up by the members of Refused and Abhinanda. The band existed from 1994 and broke up in 1997.


Final Exit formed in 1994 by Dennis Lyxzén (D-Rp), David Sandström (Dave Exit), Pär Hansson (SXE Guile) and Kristoffer Steen(Kid Stone). Unlike most of the band in Umeå at the time Final Exit played a more old-school hardcore influenced by band such as Sick of it all, youth of today and agnostic front instead of the more metal influenced hardcore sound of the nineties. Final Exit quickly gained a reputation as the members of the band worked on creating a myth about themselves and the Umeå Hardcore scene with acts such as naming their first album "Teg" which portrayed the upperclass suburb of Teg as a rough ghetto. The members famous from their other bands took on fake aliases that they used on their records and in interviews where they often bad mouthed their real bands and even themselves. After the release of their second album "Umeå" the band embarked on a last tour in 1997 before splitting up. By then Kristoffer Steen had left the band and been replaced by Anders Johansson aka "Anders And".


In 2007 Final Exit reunited for one gig at the Umeå open festival to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the bands break-up. Jens Nordén AKA "Jens Rens" who had played some shows with the band in its last days returned as the drummer. The same year also saw the release of "Det Egentliga Västerbotten - Complete Discography 94-97" on CD and in 2009 the vinyl release included a DVD witch contained the last show and some older liveshows caught on tape. The supergroup performed once again in 2012, during the afterparty for Refused's last ever show, along with Abhinanda.



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