Fiction Plane

Fiction Plane

Fiction Plane in Cologne, Germany

Fiction Plane in Cologne, Germany
Background information
Origin London, United Kingdom
Years active 1999 (1999)-present
Associated acts
Past members
  • Dan Brown

Fiction Plane is a rock band consisting of lead vocalist and bass player Joe Sumner, guitarist Seton Daunt, and drummer Pete Wilhoit.


When Sumner was a teenager in England, he was inspired to write songs after he heard Nirvana's album Nevermind. Sumner already knew how to play guitar and drums, so he started a band with Dan Brown, a friend from school who played bass. Fiction Plane began to form in 1999 when they were joined by guitarist Seton Daunt.

At a live performance a few years later, they attracted the attention of David Kahne, a producer who escorted them into a studio to record their debut album, Everything Will Never Be OK. Lacking a full-time drummer, they invited Abe Laboriel Jr., a session musician who had played with them before. After the album was released, they hired Pete Wilhoit, a drummer from Bloomington, Indiana, and Fiction Plane was launched.[1][2]

Following their debut, the band released Bitter Forces and Lame Race Horses (2005), Left Side of the Brain (2007), Paradiso (2009), Sparks (2010), and Mondo Lumina (2015).[3]

Fiction Plane's popularity increased in 2007 when it was the opening act for The Police's reunion tour. Joe Sumner is the son of Police lead singer Sting.


Studio albums

Title Album details Peak chart positions

Everything Will Never Be OK
Left Side of the Brain 111 9 46
Sparks 147 22
Mondo Lumina
  • Released: 13 November 2015
  • Label: VERYCORDS

Extended plays

Title Album details
Bitter Forces
and Lame Race Horses

Live albums

Title Album details

Band members




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