Ferrocarriles Argentinos (2015)

For the defunct company (19491993), see Ferrocarriles Argentinos.
Ferrocarriles Argentinos S.E.
Industry Railway
Predecessor Ferrocarriles Argentinos
Founded May 20, 2015 (2015-05-20) in Argentina [1]
Founder Government of Argentina
Headquarters Buenos Aires, Argentina
Area served
Services Rail transport
Owner Government of Argentina
Parent Ministry of Transport
Divisions Operadora Ferroviaria
Belgrano CyL
Admin. de Infr. Ferrov.

Ferrocarriles Argentinos Sociedad del Estado is a State-owned railway company of Argentina created for the operation and maintenance of the Argentine railway network in the country, including passenger and freight services.[2][3][4][5] The company shares its name with the previous national operator which was broken up during the privatisation process, and also uses a modified version of its original logo.

From the creation of FA, state-owned companies managed by the company are Operadora Ferroviaria Sociedad del Estado, Belgrano Cargas y Logística (passenger and freight services respectively) and ADIFSE (infrastructure).[6]


Train simulators with the Ferrocarriles Argentinos logo.

The project to nationalise all the Argentine railway network had been announced by President Cristina Kirchner during her speech at the Congress of Argentina's 133°-year inaugural session on 1 March 2015.[7][8]

At the time the project was sent to the Congress to be discussed, only Belgrano Norte and Urquiza lines (operated by Ferrovías and Metrovías respectively) were under private concessions for passenger services, while Nuevo Central Argentino (NCA), Ferroexpreso Pampeano and Ferrosur companies operated freight trains.[6]

On 15 April 2015, the Congress of Argentina adopted the creation of "Ferrocarriles Argentinos Sociedad del Estado", with 53 votes in favour and 2 votes against.[4][9] Therefore, the Government of Argentina will take over the operation and maintenance of all the railway lines after they had granted to private companies during Carlos Menem's administration in early 1990s.[5] The re-nationalisation law was officially promulgated on May 20, 2015.[1]

It was also announced that private companies still operating services at the time the law was promulgated, Nuevo Central Argentino, Ferroexpreso Pampeano, Ferrosur Roca, Metrovías and Ferrovías will continue their activities although Ferrocarriles Argentinos S.E. will be able to renegotiate or even cancel the contracts of concession.[5]

Organizational structure

The board of directors will have six members: a representative of the Secretary of Transport, the presidents of ADIF, SOFSE and Belgrano CyL and other two representatives appointed by the Minister of Transport according to proposals sent by several railway unions registered.[10]

The company will also plan, operate and control all the railway system in Argentina, both passenger and freight services.[6] The railway system will be managed under a mode of "open access" where several private operators will be able to serve freight services along the lines.[10]


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