Ferdinand Sarrien

Ferdinand Sarrien
71st Prime Minister of France
In office
12 March 1906  25 October 1906
Preceded by Maurice Rouvier
Succeeded by Georges Clemenceau
Personal details
Born 15 October 1840
Died 28 November 1915(1915-11-28) (aged 75)
Political party Radical Party

Jean Marie Ferdinand Sarrien (French: [fɛʁdinɑ̃ saʁjɛ̃]; (15 October 1840 – 28 November 1915) was a French politician of the Third Republic. He was born in Bourbon-Lancy, Saône-et-Loire and died in Paris. He headed a cabinet supported by the Bloc des gauches (Left-Wings Coalition) parliamentary majority.

Sarrien's Ministry, 12 March – 25 October 1906

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Political offices
Preceded by
Joseph Chaumié
Minister of Justice
Succeeded by
Jean François Edmond Guyot Dessaigne
Preceded by
Maurice Rouvier
Prime Minister of France
Succeeded by
Georges Clemenceau
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