Feather (step)

Feather or Feather step is a dance figure in the International Style Foxtrot.[1] Depending on a syllabus, it consists of three or four steps (man stepping basically forward), with the third step (right foot) done outside the lady (lady on the right side) with a slight turn in the body position to the right.

The feather is also known as the continuity finish in silver American Style Foxtrot.

The step was first introduced in 1920 by G. K. Anderson.[2]

The ISTD syllabus considers the fourth step that aligns the man with the lady into a normal dance position to be part of the Feather Step variation,[1] while the IDTA syllabus does not.

The pattern and especially its distinctive part (steps 2 and 3) gave rise to several variations: [1]


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