Fastball Special

Colossus and Wolverine executing the fastball special move. Art by John Cassaday, from Astonishing X-Men #6.

The Fastball Special is a popular tag-team move in superhero fiction. In a Fastball Special, a hero with superhuman strength throws a (usually willing) partner toward a target. It dates back to at least a 1958 DC Comics team-up in Adventure Comics #253 in which Superboy throws Robin.[1] The maneuver was popularized by the Marvel Comics series Uncanny X-Men starting in issue #94, when Colossus hurls Wolverine during a Danger Room session (Colossus initially refers to this as "Maneuver Seven"). It quickly became a favorite tactic of the two heroes. It has also since been used by many superheroes in publications other than Marvel.

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