Farhad Ebrahimi

Farhad Ebrahimi

Ali Salimi (Right) – Farhad Ebrahimi (Left)
Background information
Native name رجب ابراهیمی
Also known as Rajab Ebrahimi

1935 (age 8081)

Ardabil, Iran

Origin Iranian Azerbaijanis
Genres Azerbaijani
Occupation(s) Poet, writer, songwriter

Farhad Ebrahimi (Persian: فرهاد ابراهيمي also Rajab Ebrahimi Persian: رجب ابراهیمی, was born 1935 in Ardabil)[1] is an Iranian Poet, Writer & Songwriter of Azerbaijani Music. the most important work of Farhad Ebrahimi is Ayrılıq[2] that sing many Azerbaijani origin sigers as Rashid Behbudov, Ali salimi, Googoosh.[3]


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