Fane Aircraft Company

The Fane Aircraft Company Limited was a British company formed by the aviator Captain Gerard Fane, DSC, and based at Norbury, London, England.[1]

It was originally formed as Comper Fane Aircraft Limited (sometimes C.F. Aircraft) in August 1939, incorporating the name of his former collaborator and aircraft designer, the late Nicholas Comper.[2] On 6 April 1940 the name was changed to the Fane Aircraft Company Limited.[3]

The company's only aircraft was based on the Comper Scamp.[4] The Scamp had been designed by Nicholas Comper as a two-seater but he had not built it, redesigning it as a single seater, the Comper Fly. Fane took the Scamp design and reworked it as the Fane F.1/40 which first flew in 1941; with no orders from the Air Ministry only one was built.[5]

On 10 August 1944 the company changed its name to Fane Engineering Designs Limited.[6]




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