Fan Song

Fan Song Radar

Egyptian Fan Song E
Country of origin  Soviet Union
Type Fire control & tracking
Frequency E/F band, G band [1]
PRF search: 828-1,440 Hz; track: 1,656-2,880 Hz (G band) [1]
Beamwidth 10x2deg (E/F band);
7.5x1.5deg (G band) [1]
Pulsewidth 0.4-1.2 µs (G band) [1]
Range 60-120 km (E/F band);
75-145 km (G band) [1]
Power 600 kW (E/F band);
1.0 MW (G band) [1]

The Fan Song is the NATO reporting name for SNR-75 series of trailer-mounted E band/F band and G band fire control and tracking radars for use with the Soviet SA-2 Guideline surface-to-air missile system.


The Fan Song radars are capable of tracking a single target at one time, and can guide up to three missiles at once to it. The radars feature two orthogonal antennas, one for azimuth and one for elevation, which can operate in a track-while-scan mode. These antennas transmit 10 × 2 degree or 7.5 x 1.5 degree beams and perform a 'flapping' motion as they scan their sectors.[1][2]

The Fan Song E includes two additional parabolic dishes for narrow beam and LORO tracking modes.

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