Fairchild TV

Fairchild TV

Fairchild TV logo
Launched 1993
Owned by Fairchild Group (80%)
TVB (20%)
Picture format 480i (SDTV)
Country Canada
Broadcast area National
Headquarters Richmond, British Columbia and Richmond Hill, Ontario
Sister channel(s) Fairchild TV 2 HD
Website Fairchild TV (Chinese)
Bell TV 716 (East - Man)
717 (East - Can)
718 (West)
Shaw Direct Channel 281 / 801 (West)
Available on many Canadian cable systems Check local listings, channels may vary
Bell Fibe TV 716 (East - Man)
717 (East - Can)
718 (West)
MTS (West) Channel 506 (West)
Optik TV Channel 2801 (West)
Channel 2802 (East)
SaskTel Channel 291 (West)
VMedia Channel 717 (East)

Fairchild TV or FTV (Traditional Chinese: 新時代電視, Simplified Chinese: 新时代电视, Pinyin: xīnshídài diànshì, Jyutping: san1si4doi6 din6si6), is a Canadian Cantonese language Category A specialty channel. It is co-owned by majority owner Fairchild Media Group (a subsidiary of the Fairchild Group) and Television Broadcasts Limited which owns 20% of the business. Fairchild TV has studios in the Greater Toronto Area (Richmond Hill, Ontario) and Metro Vancouver (inside Aberdeen Centre in Richmond, British Columbia).


The Cantonese broadcasting service, Chinavision Canada was rebranded as Fairchild TV when Fairchild purchased Chinavision.


Fairchild TV Studio in Richmond Hill

In Ontario, Fairchild TV signs on at 06:00 EST and signs off at 04:05 EST. In Metropolitan Vancouver, Fairchild TV signs on at 06:00 PST and signs off at 04:05 PST. In Calgary and Edmonton, Fairchild TV signs on at 07:00 MST and signs off at 05:05 MST.

More than 475,000 Chinese Canadians across Canada watch Fairchild Television each day, roughly 30% of the whole Chinese population in Canada.

FTV operates two standard definition television channels: Fairchild TV in Cantonese and Talentvision in Mandarin. Both stations use programming from Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary. As of 23 May 2013, Fairchild TV launched two High Definition (HD) channels: Fairchild TV 2 HD in Cantonese and Talentvision 2 HD in Mandarin.

Fairchild TV's logo used from 1993-2013.


Fairchild TV broadcasts local (Canadian) and overseas (Asian) programming in the Cantonese language. It also serves as an overseas station of Hong Kong television station TVB. Due to that, Fairchild TV broadcasts TVB programmes, although at a time delay of up to one year due to obtaining overseas broadcasting rights. Fairchild TV also organises annual events, such as the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant, Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant, New Talent Singing Awards Vancouver Audition, New Talent Singing Awards Toronto Audition and Calgary New Talent Singing Awards. These programs are broadcast live nationally. Many of the contestants from these contests have gone on to hosting television shows on Fairchild TV and some earn fame in Asia. Most notable are Bernice Liu (廖碧兒), Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣), and Leanne Li (李亞男), they were former Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant and Miss Chinese International Pageant winners, and Jacky Chu, Elva Hsiao and Jade Kwan of New Talent Singing Awards Vancouver Audition.

Current local programming list

Weekly/daily programs

Annual events

Current artistes & presenters

Name Active at FTV since Associated city Currently hosting Previously hosted Notables
Ada Luk
2000 Vancouver Magazine 26 Smart Consumer Also news anchor for Fairchild TV News
Alice Ngan
2000 Toronto Timeline Magazine
Andy Lung
龙 本
1999 Vancouver Saturday Sneak Preview
Angela Wai
2001 Calgary Alberta Report Also DJ at FM 94.7
Anita Lee
2000 Toronto Leisure Talk What’s On
Annabelle Louie
1998 Vancouver Leisure Talk, Cantonese Opera II 80s Hong Kong Cantopop singer
Benny Yau
2000 Vancouver What’s On, Angling Unlimited NTSA Vancouver 2000 First Runner-Up
Bernice Taam
1995 Vancouver Cooking is Fun series
Brian Chan
2008 Vancouver What’s On
Ca Lee Mo
2006 Vancouver What’s On Modern Design
Chung-Ming Poon
1998 Toronto Leisure Talk previous Hong Kong TVB presenter
Cici Chen
2009 Vancouver Vancouver-Shanghai Expo Gala 2009 Miss Chinese Vancouver 2008; Miss Chinese International Pageant 2009 Second Runner-Up
Danny Lau
2005 Vancouver Leisure Talk,Education in Canada Also DJ at FM 96.1
Deborah Moore
1995 Vancouver Living with Deborah Miss Hong Kong 1981 Second Runner-up. Also Program Hostess at AM 1470
Delon Lew
1999 Vancouver Saturday Sneak Preview Also DJ at AM 1470
Dominic Lam
1995 Toronto Leisure Talk Current TVB contract artiste in Hong Kong. Also DJ at AM 1430 in Toronto
Elva Ni
2006 Toronto What’s On MCT 2005 Winner
Emily Ng
2008 Vancouver Leisure Talk Martial Art Rhythm
Gary Yan
2008 Vancouver What's On NTSA Vancouver 2008 Finalist
Grace Xiao
曉 露
2006 Toronto Mandarin Profile
Herbert Au-Yeung
2001 Calgary Alberta Report Also DJ at FM 94.7
Ivan Ho
2009 Calgary Alberta Report NTSA Calgary 2008 First Runner-Up
Ivy Hou
2008 Toronto What's On MCT 2008 First Runner-Up
Jackie Tse
2008 Vancouver What's On Also DJ at FM 96.1
Jessica Cheung
2005 Vancouver What’s On NTSA Vancouver 2005 Finalist
Kenneth Lau
2004 Vancouver What’s On Broadway Camera Photography II
Mary Lo
1995 Vancouver Leisure Talk Hit Music Zone Also DJ at AM 1470
Ricky Cheung
1993 Vancouver Leisure Talk Fast & Fun English, Broadway Camera Fun with DV
William Ho
2004 Vancouver Leisure Talk Cantonese Opera III Also Morning Radio Show host at AM 1470
Shan Tam
2002 Vancouver Saturday Sneak Preview Canadian film producer
Tony Ma
2002 Vancouver Saturday Sneak Preview Also Film Reviewer at Fairchild Radio Vancouver FM 96.1, member of Vancouver Film Critics Circle
Paul Tam
2008 Vancouver Martial Art Rhythm
Jennifer Lo
2000 Toronto Leisure Talk Toyota World of Wildlife Also DJ at AM 1430
Leo Shiu
2001 Toronto Leisure Talk What's On
Rebecca Liu
2006 Toronto Mandarin Profile
Rita Cheang
2005 Calgary Alberta Report Also DJ at FM 94.7
Susanna Chan
2007 Toronto What’s On NTSA Toronto 2007 First Runner-Up
Thomas Chong
2005 Toronto What's On NTSA Toronto 2004 Second Runner-Up
Tommy Yu
2004 Toronto Leisure Talk
Vincent Law
2008 Calgary Alberta Report NTSA Calgary 2007 Trendy Image Award
Vincent Leung
阿 晨
2008 Vancouver What's On Also DJ at Radio Television Hong Kong
Virginia Mok
2006 Vancouver Leisure Talk,Slimming Beauty
Wendy Chan
2008 Vancouver Lifestyles of Seniors Miss Asia Pageant 1985 Finalist

Notable former presenters

The following is a list of former Fairchild Television presenters that are currently affiliated with other media outlets.

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