FMR Records

FMR Records
Founded 1972 (1972)
Founder Trevor Taylor
Theresa Taylor
Genre Jazz
Country of origin England
Location Chelmsford
Official website

FMR Records is an English record label comprising the major record label, FMR Music. Founded by current CEO Trevor Taylor in 1972, it is a speciality label providing jazz and improvisational music.

The label started off in the back of a music retail store in Chelmsford, called Soundworld. It began by selling a small range of guitars, this quickly grew into a huge variety of instruments, and soon after ending up buying out the other businesses in the shop, and taking 100% control. Within 6 years over 30 Soundworlds were open all over the UK and the business was quickly expanding. Due to the unexpected success of Soundworld, the company decided to reach into the market and launch a record label directly aimed at the jazz and improvised music market. Some of the releases prominently feature percussion.[1]

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