FIA Alternative Energies Cup

FIA Alternative Energies Cup
Category Rally racing
Country International
Drivers' champion Poland Artur Prusak
Co-Drivers' champion France Thierry Benchetrit
Teams' champion France Simulang
Makes' champion Japan Toyota
Official website FIA Alternative Energies Cup
Current season
World Champion 2009 and 2010 Raymond Durand starting the Ecorally Vasco-Navarro (Vitoria-Gasteiz, July 16, 2010).

The FIA Alternative Energies Cup is a world championship for vehicles with alternative energy propulsion organized by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile.[1]

Recent champions

Category VII: Hybrid and other vehicles

Year Drivers' champion Co-Drivers' champion[2] Makes' champion
2007 Italy Giuliano Mazzoni (Opel)
Japan Toyota
2008 Italy Giuliano Mazzoni (Opel)
Japan Toyota
2009 France Raymond Durand (Toyota)
Japan Toyota
2010 France Raymond Durand (Toyota)
Japan Toyota
2011 Italy Massimo Liverani (Fiat) Spain Juanan Delgado (Toyota)Japan Toyota
2012 Italy Massimo Liverani (Fiat)Italy Emanuele Calchetti (Alfa Romeo)Italy Fiat
2013 Italy Massimo Liverani (Abarth)Italy Fulvio Ciervo (Abarth)Italy Abarth
2014 Italy Massimo Liverani (Abarth)Italy Isabelle Barciulli (Alfa Romeo)Italy Abarth
2015 Poland Artur Prusak (Toyota)France Thierry Benchetrit (Toyota)Japan Toyota
2016 Poland Artur Prusak (Toyota)France Thierry Benchetrit (Toyota)Japan Toyota

Category III: Pure electric vehicles

Year Drivers' champion Co-drivers' champion Makes' champion
2010 Italy Claudio Cicero
Italy Micro-Vett
2011 Spain Antonio Zanini Sans Spain Eduardo Ansotegui Japan Mitsubishi
2012 Spain Jesús Echave Spain Juanan Delgado Japan Mitsubishi
2013 France James Morlaix France Daniel Collet United States Tesla Motors
2014 Italy Walter Kofler Italy Franco Gaioni Norway Think City
2015 Italy Walter Kofler Spain Juanan Delgado France Renault
2016 Italy Nicola Ventura Italy Guido Guerrini France Renault

Category I: Solar powered vehicles and Olympia Class

Year Team Drivers' champion
2014 Nuon Solar Team / Ashiya University Solar Car Project B -
2015 Team Redzone -


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  2. Since 2011.
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