List of FC Dinamo București managers

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The list of managers of FC Dinamo Bucharest by season since its founding date in 1948.

1948–49 Braun-Bogdan, ColomanColoman Braun-Bogdan  Romania –Nov
Wetzer, RudolfRudolf Wetzer  Romania Feb–
1950 Baratky, IuliuIuliu Baratky  Romania
1951 Baratky, IuliuIuliu Baratky  Romania
1952 Baratky, IuliuIuliu Baratky  Romania
1953 Baratky, IuliuIuliu Baratky  Romania –May
Niculescu, AngeloAngelo Niculescu  Romania May–
1954 Niculescu, AngeloAngelo Niculescu & Vâlcov, ColeaColea Vâlcov  Romania
1955 Niculescu, AngeloAngelo Niculescu  Romania
1956 Niculescu, AngeloAngelo Niculescu  Romania
1957–58 Baratky, IuliuIuliu Baratky & Gheorghe, NicolaeNicolae Gheorghe  Romania
1958–59 Baratky, IuliuIuliu Baratky  Romania
1959–60 Baratky, IuliuIuliu Baratky  Romania –Oct
Nicolae, DumitruDumitru Nicolae & Ionescu, TraianTraian Ionescu  Romania Nov–
1960–61 Nicolae, DumitruDumitru Nicolae & Ionescu, TraianTraian Ionescu  Romania
1961–62 Nicolae, DumitruDumitru Nicolae & Ionescu, TraianTraian Ionescu  Romania
1962–63 Nicolae, DumitruDumitru Nicolae & Nedelescu, IonIon Nedelescu  Romania –March
Ionescu, TraianTraian Ionescu  Romania March–
1963–64 Nicolae, DumitruDumitru Nicolae & Ionescu, TraianTraian Ionescu  Romania
1964–65 Niculescu, AngeloAngelo Niculescu  Romania
1965–66 Niculescu, AngeloAngelo Niculescu & Ionescu, TraianTraian Ionescu  Romania
1966–67 Ionescu, TraianTraian Ionescu  Romania
1967–68 Ionescu, TraianTraian Ionescu & Marian, BazilBazil Marian  Romania –Sept
Marian, BazilBazil Marian  Romania
1968–69 Marian, BazilBazil Marian  Romania
1969–70 Nicolae, DumitruDumitru Nicolae  Romania
1970–71 Nicolae, DumitruDumitru Nicolae  Romania –March
Nicolae, DumitruDumitru Nicolae & Ionescu, TraianTraian Ionescu  Romania March–
1971–72 Nicolae, DumitruDumitru Nicolae  Romania
1972–73 Nunweiller, IonIon Nunweiller  Romania
1973–74 Nunweiller, IonIon Nunweiller  Romania –March
Nicolae, DumitruDumitru Nicolae & Nunweiller, IonIon Nunweiller  Romania March-
1974–75 Nicolae, DumitruDumitru Nicolae & Nunweiller, IonIon Nunweiller  Romania
1975–76 Nicolae, DumitruDumitru Nicolae  Romania –March
Nunweiller, IonIon Nunweiller  Romania March–
1976–77 Nunweiller, IonIon Nunweiller  Romania
1977–78 Nunweiller, IonIon Nunweiller  Romania
1978–79 Nunweiller, IonIon Nunweiller  Romania
1979–80 Niculescu, AngeloAngelo Niculescu  Romania
1980–81 Stănescu, ValentinValentin Stănescu  Romania
1981–82 Stănescu, ValentinValentin Stănescu  Romania
1982–83 Nicolae, DumitruDumitru Nicolae  Romania
1983–84 Nicolae, DumitruDumitru Nicolae  Romania
1984–85 Dinu, CornelCornel Dinu  Romania –April
Varga, IosifIosif Varga  Romania April–
1985–86 Cernăianu, ConstantinConstantin Cernăianu  Romania –Nov
Lucescu, MirceaMircea Lucescu  Romania Nov–
1986–87 Lucescu, MirceaMircea Lucescu  Romania
1987–88 Lucescu, MirceaMircea Lucescu  Romania
1988–89 Lucescu, MirceaMircea Lucescu  Romania
1989–90 Lucescu, MirceaMircea Lucescu  Romania
1990–91 Mulţescu, GheorgheGheorghe Mulţescu  Romania
1991–92 Halagian, FlorinFlorin Halagian  Romania
1992–93 Halagian, FlorinFlorin Halagian & Moldovan, AlexandruAlexandru Moldovan  Romania
1993–94 Halagian, FlorinFlorin Halagian  Romania
1994–95 Moldovan, IonIon Moldovan  Romania –Dec
Vlad, RemusRemus Vlad  Romania Dec–
1995–96 Vlad, RemusRemus Vlad  Romania –November
Augustin, IonelIonel Augustin  Romania Nov–Feb
Bondrea, MarianMarian Bondrea  Romania Feb–
1996–97 Bondrea, MarianMarian Bondrea  Romania –Dec
Dinu, CornelCornel Dinu  Romania Dec
Ţălnar, CornelCornel Ţălnar  Romania Dec–
1997–98 Hizo, ViorelViorel Hizo  Romania –April
Dinu, CornelCornel Dinu  Romania April–
1998–99 Dinu, CornelCornel Dinu  Romania
1999–00 Dinu, CornelCornel Dinu  Romania
2000–01 Dinu, CornelCornel Dinu  Romania
2001–02 Dinu, CornelCornel Dinu  Romania –Sept
Marin, IonIon Marin  Romania Sept–
2002–03 Moldovan, IonIon Moldovan  Romania Aug
Marin, FlorinFlorin Marin  Romania Sept–Oct
Dinu, CornelCornel Dinu  Romania Oct–March
Andone, IoanIoan Andone  Romania 1 Jan–
2003–04 Andone, IoanIoan Andone  Romania
2004–05 Andone, IoanIoan Andone  Romania
2005–06 Andone, IoanIoan Andone  Romania –25 Dec
Vigo, EstebanEsteban Vigo  Spain 28 Dec–28 Feb
Marin, IonIon Marin  Romania 28 Feb–4 April
Marin, FlorinFlorin Marin  Romania 4 April–30 June
2006–07 Rednic, MirceaMircea Rednic  Romania 1 July–
2007–08 Rednic, MirceaMircea Rednic  Romania –Sept 2
Zenga, WalterWalter Zenga  Italy 31 Aug–24 Nov
Dinu, CornelCornel Dinu & Ţălnar, CornelCornel Ţălnar  Romania 25 Nov–4 March
Multescu, GheorgheGheorghe Multescu  Romania 5 March–4 April
Ţălnar, CornelCornel Ţălnar  Romania April–
2008–09 Rednic, MirceaMircea Rednic  Romania 1 July–15 June
2009–10 Bonetti, DarioDario Bonetti  Italy 23 June–2 Oct
Marin, IonIon Marin  Romania 2 Oct–24 Oct
Ţălnar, CornelCornel Ţălnar  Romania 24 Oct–1 June
2010–11 Andone, IoanIoan Andone  Romania 1 June–4 July
2011–12 Ciobotariu, LiviuLiviu Ciobotariu  Romania 11 July–10 April
Bonetti, DarioDario Bonetti  Italy 10 April–
2012–13 Bonetti, DarioDario Bonetti  Italy –14 Nov
Munteanu, DorinelDorinel Munteanu  Romania 15 Nov–27 Dec
Ţălnar, CornelCornel Ţălnar  Romania 28 Dec–29 May
2013–14 Mulțescu, GheorgheGheorghe Mulțescu  Romania 5 June–22 Sept
Stoican, FlaviusFlavius Stoican  Romania 23 Sept–
2014–15 Stoican, FlaviusFlavius Stoican  Romania –12 Nov
Dănciulescu, IonelIonel Dănciulescu  Romania 13 Nov–31 Dec
Teja, MihaiMihai Teja  Romania 7 Jan–12 Mar
Stoican, FlaviusFlavius Stoican  Romania 12 Mar–6 May
Rednic, MirceaMircea Rednic  Romania 6 May–
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