Ezra (comics)


Interior Artwork from Ezra: Evoked Emotions #1.
Art by Arcana Studio.
Publication information
Publisher Arcana Studio
First appearance Kade #1 (Jan. 2004)
Created by Sean O'Reilly
In-story information
Alter ego Ezra
Team affiliations Children of the Black Sun
Abilities Rapid healing, inability to feel pain or touch and can sense evil.

Ezra is a comic book character created by Sean O'Reilly, appearing in a series of comic books published through Arcana Studio.

Ezra first appeared in the first Arcana Studio comic book, Kade #1, released in 2004. Ezra is now one of Arcana's most published characters, with multiple appearances in various series.


Ezra is a Child of the Black Sun and the Key to the Kingdom of Heaven, and the Chain to the Abyss of Hell. Ezra was among the first Children of the Black Sun, and struggled to understand her role as a Gothic demon hunter. Ezra: Evoked Emotions (2006) portrays her transformation into an ageless demon hunter.

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