Ezio Marano

Ezio Marano (6 August 1927, Brescia – 26 April 1991, Rome) was an Italian actor.


He made his debut in the theater in the mid-50s at the Piccolo in Milan under the guidance of Giorgio Strehler, in a long series of performances in both Italian and the Lombard dialect; he then entered into more and more companies in smaller but significant parts, working simultaneously on television and Radio Rai. For television, he was among the performers on the TV drama Napoleon a Sant'Elena, directed by Vittorio Cottafavi in 1973.

He made his debut in the cinema comparatively late, in 1969, under the direction of Mauro Severino, and continued his film career, with his last movie being Ginger and Fred, directed by Federico Fellini in 1985. He died on 26 April 1991 by a lingering disease that had struck him three years earlier.






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