For the anime and manga series with a similar name, see Eyeshield 21.
Rendering of a college football helmet with an eyeshield. The NCAA banned the use of tinted and reflective visors in 2006.[1]

An eyeshield is a piece of football equipment. It is a visor that attaches to the helmet of a player to protect the eyes. It leaves the mouth exposed and covers the eyes and nose. Only clear eyeshields are allowed in high school football as the eyes are needed to be seen while checking for concussions. On the college level, a tinted eyeshield may be used if the player has eye problems. The NFL allows dark visors, (smoke or black) and reflective mirror visors, but does not allow colored or iridium visors.

The first football visors were made by Oakley and are currently being made by name brands such as Nike and Under Armour as well as many other sports and eyewear companies.


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