Excellence League

Excellence League
Motto Pursue the Excellence and Share the Resources
Formation 2010
10 Chinese Universities
Official language

The Excellence League (a.k.a. E9 League) (simplified Chinese: 卓越联盟; traditional Chinese: 卓越聯盟; pinyin: Zhuóyuè Liánméng) is an alliance of 10 Chinese universities established in 2010.[1]


University (ENG) Link Joining Year
Beijing Institute of Technology http://grd.bit.edu.cn 2010
Chongqing University http://graduate.cqu.edu.cn 2010
Dalian University of Technology http://gs.dlut.edu.cn/ 2010
Southeast University http://yzb.seu.edu.cn 2010
Harbin Institute of Technology http://yzb.hit.edu.cn/hityzb/ 2010
South China University of Technology 2010
Tianjin University http://gs.tju.edu.cn/yzbpage/ 2010
Tongji University http://yz.tongji.edu.cn/ 2010
Northwestern Polytechnical University http://yzb.nwpu.edu.cn/ 2010
Hunan University http://yz.hnu.cn/ 2011


Beijing Institute of Technology, Dalian University of Technology, Southeast University, Harbin Institute of Technology, South China University of Technology, Tianjin University, Tongji University and Northwestern Polytechnical University are 8 Project 985 National Key Universities with strong backgrounds in engineering. On 23 June 2010, to implement the Outline of the National Program for Medium and Long-term Reform and Development of Education (2010-2020) and Outline of the National Program for Medium and Long-term Talent Development (2010-2020) of China, MOE of China started the Excellent Engineer Education Program in Tianjin University aiming at promoting China's education for future engineers.[2]

One month later, the above-mentioned 8 universities signed the Framework Convention on the Education of Excellent Talents (Chinese: 《卓越人才培养合作框架协议》) in Tongji University, Shanghai, China. The League started to boost comprehensive cooperation among member universities holding the principle of Pursue the Excellence and Share the Resources since then.[3]

And, soon, in Aug 2010, Chongqing University declared its participance into the League which expanded the League's coverage to 9 universities. The League is also called E9 League because of this.

In 2011, Hunan University was accepted as the 10th member of the E9 League.[4]


According to the convention signed by member universities, the cooperation among them includes:

The League now offers exchange programs for undergraduates. Students can choose to study in another league member as long as he or she is enrolled by one of the 10 members. In this way, all the students within these 10 universities can share educational resources[5]


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