Eva Perón: The True Story

Eva Perón

Juan Perón (Víctor Laplace) holds a weakened Eva Perón (Esther Goris), resembling the real Evita's last speech
Directed by Juan Carlos Desanzo
Produced by Hugo E. Lauría
María de la Paz Marino
Written by José Pablo Feinmann
Starring Esther Goris
Víctor Laplace
Music by José Luis Castiñeira de Dios
Cinematography Juan Carlos Lenardi
Edited by Sergio Zottola
Distributed by Líder Films
David Lamping
Release dates
  • 24 October 1996 (1996-10-24)
Running time
114 minutes
Country Argentina
Language Spanish

Eva Perón is a 1996 Argentine drama-historical film based on the life of Eva Perón. It was directed by Juan Carlos Desanzo and starred Esther Goris and Víctor Laplace. It was released on October 24, 1996. It was awarded 3 "Cóndor" awards by the Argentine Film Critics Association in 1997. The film was selected as the Argentine entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 69th Academy Awards, but was not accepted as a nominee.[1][2]


The movie does not offer a linear interpretation of the full life of Eva Perón. Instead, it focuses on the political disputes during the last year of Eva's life. These disputes involved women's suffrage in Argentina, failed coup attempts against the Peronist government, and Eva's failed bid for the vice presidency. The movie concludes with Eva's death in 1952.



Lisa Alspector of the Chicago Reader favoured Goris' "riveting" portrayal of Evita over that of Madonna in the American film, Evita (1996), based on the musical. Alspectot described the Argentine film as "an effective character study with plenty of subtext." She also stated that "it's fascinating to watch Goris and Victor Laplace (as Juan Peron) demystify sensationalized figures." She praised the greater emphasis on politics rather than Eva's brief acting career and felt the title character engaged viewers so that "you're compelled to ponder her complex motivations throughout."[3]

Awards and nominations

Argentinean Film Critics Association Awards

Biarritz International Festival of Latin American Cinema

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