European Right (1989–94)

Technical Group of the European Right
European parliamentary group
Name Technical Group of the European Right
English abbr. DR[1]
French abbr. n/a
Formal name Technical Group of the European Right[2][1][3]
Ideology Hardline Nationalism, Conservatism
From 25 July 1989[2]
To 18 July 1994[2]
Preceded by Group of the European Right
Succeeded by none
Chaired by Jean-Marie Le Pen[2]
MEP(s) 17 (July 25, 1989)[4]

The Technical Group of the European Right was a far-right political group with seats in the European Parliament between 1989 and 1994.


Following the 1989 elections, the previous far-right Group lost its Ulster Unionist[5] and Greek EPEN MEPs. The situation was further complicated when the perennial problem of the European far-right, its inability to form transnational alliances,[6] reasserted itself when MEPs from the German Republikaner party refused to ally themselves with the Italian MSI due to disagreements over the status of South Tyrol.[5][7] Eventually, the "Technical Group of the European Right" was formed from MEPs from the French Front National,[6] German Republikaner[5][6] and Belgian Vlaams Blok[5][6] parties.

In the 1994 elections, the Republikaners failed to reach the 5% cutoff point for German elections and lost all its MEPs. The Technical Group of the European Right no longer had enough MEPs to qualify as a Group[7] and its MEPs returned to the ranks of the independents.

Member Parties at 25 July 1989

Member state Party MEPs Notes
Germany Republikaner 6[4]
France Front National 10[4]
Belgium Vlaams Blok 1[4]



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