European Badminton Championships

The European Badminton Championships is a tournament organized by the Badminton Europe (BE). The first of these competitions was held in 1968. The competition is held once every two years to determine the best badminton players in Europe. European Mixed Team Badminton Championships usually starts prior to the individual championships until it was split in 2009.

Since 2008, it is being graded as a Grand Prix Gold tournament by the Badminton World Federation.[1][2]

Location of the European Championships

The table below gives an overview of all host cities and countries of the European Championships.

On 15 January 2008, Manchester of England won the bids to stage the 2010 events.[3] Starting from 2017, the championship will be an annual event except for the year with European Games.

Year No. Host City Country
1968 I Bochum  West Germany
1970 II Port Talbot  Wales
1972 III Karlskrona  Sweden
1974 IV Vienna  Austria
1976 V Dublin  Ireland
1978 VI Preston  England
1980 VII Groningen  Netherlands
1982 VIII Böblingen  West Germany
1984 IX Preston  England
1986 X Uppsala  Sweden
1988 XI Kristiansand  Norway
1990 XII Moscow  Soviet Union
1992 XIII Glasgow  Scotland
Year No. Host City Country
1994 XIV Den Bosch  Netherlands
1996 XV Herning  Denmark
1998 XVI Sofia  Bulgaria
2000 XVII Glasgow  Scotland
2002 XVIII Malmö  Sweden
2004 XIX Geneva   Switzerland
2006 XX Den Bosch  Netherlands
2008 XXI Herning  Denmark
2010 XXII Manchester  England
2012 XXIII Karlskrona  Sweden
2014 XXIV Kazan  Russia
2016 XXV La Roche-sur-Yon  France
2017 XXVI Kolding  Denmark

Past winners

Year Men's singles Women's singles Men's doubles Women's doubles Mixed doubles Teams
2016 Denmark Viktor Axelsen Spain Carolina Marín Denmark Mads Conrad-Petersen
Denmark Mads Pieler Kolding
Denmark Christinna Pedersen
Denmark Kamilla Rytter Juhl
Denmark Joachim Fischer Nielsen
Denmark Christinna Pedersen
2014 Denmark Jan Ø. Jørgensen Spain Carolina Marín Russia Vladimir Ivanov
Russia Ivan Sozonov
Denmark Joachim Fischer Nielsen
Denmark Christinna Pedersen
2012 Germany Marc Zwiebler Denmark Tine Baun Denmark Mathias Boe
Denmark Carsten Mogensen
Poland Robert Mateusiak
Poland Nadiezda Zieba
2010 Denmark Peter Gade Denmark Tine Rasmussen Denmark Lars Paaske
Denmark Jonas Rasmussen
Russia Valeria Sorokina
Russia Nina Vislova
Denmark Thomas Laybourn
Denmark Kamilla Rytter Juhl
2008 Denmark Kenneth Jonassen Germany Xu Huaiwen Denmark Kamilla Rytter Juhl
Denmark Lena Frier Kristiansen
England Anthony Clark
England Donna Kellogg
2006 Denmark Peter Gade Denmark Jens Eriksen
Denmark Martin Lundgaard Hansen
England Donna Kellogg
England Gail Emms
Denmark Thomas Laybourn
Denmark Kamilla Rytter Juhl
Denmark Denmark
2004 Netherlands Mia Audina Netherlands Lotte Bruil
Netherlands Mia Audina
England Nathan Robertson
England Gail Emms
2002 Denmark Peter Rasmussen Netherlands Yao Jie Denmark Jane F. Bramsen
Denmark Ann-Lou Jørgensen
Denmark Jens Eriksen
Denmark Mette Schjoldager
2000 Denmark Peter Gade Denmark Camilla Martin Denmark Jens Eriksen
Denmark Jesper Larsen
England Donna Kellogg
England Joanne Goode
Denmark Michael Søgaard
Denmark Rikke Olsen
1998 England Simon Archer
England Chris Hunt
Denmark Rikke Olsen
Denmark Marlene Thomsen
1996 Denmark Poul-Erik Høyer Larsen Denmark Thomas Lund
Denmark Jon Holst-Christensen
Denmark Lisbeth Stuer-Lauridsen
Denmark Marlene Thomsen
1994 Sweden Lim Xiaoqing England Simon Archer
England Chris Hunt
Sweden Christine Magnusson
Sweden Lim Xiaoqing
Denmark Michael Søgaard
Sweden Catrine Bengtsson
Sweden Sweden
1992 Denmark Pernille Nedergaard Denmark Thomas Lund
Denmark Jon Holst-Christensen
Denmark Thomas Lund
Denmark Pernille Dupont
1990 England Steve Baddeley Denmark Jan Paulsen
Denmark Henrik Svarrer
Denmark Dorte Kjær
Denmark Nettie Nielsen
Denmark Jon Holst-Christensen
Denmark Grete Mogensen
Denmark Denmark
1988 England Darren Hall Denmark Kirsten Larsen Denmark Jens Peter Nierhoff
Denmark Michael Kjeldsen
Denmark Steen Fladberg
England Gillian Clark
1986 Denmark Morten Frost England Helen Troke Denmark Steen Fladberg
Denmark Jesper Helledie
England Gillian Clark
England Gillian Gowers
England Martin Dew
England Gillian Gilks
1984 England Martin Dew
England Mike Tredgett
England Karen Chapman
England Gillian Clark
England England
1982 Denmark Jens Peter Nierhoff Denmark Lene Køppen Sweden Stefan Karlsson
Sweden Thomas Kihlström
England Gillian Gilks
England Gillian Clark
1980 Denmark Flemming Delfs Switzerland Liselotte Blumer Sweden Claes Nordin
Sweden Stefan Karlsson
England Nora Perry
England Jane Webster
England Mike Tredgett
England Nora Perry
1978 Denmark Lene Køppen England Ray Stevens
England Mike Tredgett
England Nora Perry
England Anne Statt
1976 England Gillian Gilks England Gillian Gilks
England Susan Whetnall
England Derek Talbot
England Gillian Gilks
Denmark Denmark
1974 Sweden Sture Johnsson West Germany Willi Braun
West Germany Roland Maywald
England Gillian Gilks
England Margaret Beck
England England
1972 West Germany Wolfgang Bochow England Margaret Beck England Gillian Gilks
England Judy Hashman
1970 Sweden Sture Johnsson Sweden Eva Twedberg Denmark Elo Hansen
Denmark Per Walsoe
England Margaret Boxall
England Susan Whetnall
England David Eddy
England Susan Whetnall
1968 West Germany Irmgard Latz England David Eddy
England Roger Powell
England Tony Jordan
England Susan Whetnall

Successful players

Below is the list of the most ever successful players in the European Badminton Championships:

Name MS WS MD WD XD Total
England Gillian Gilks 2 4 6 12
Denmark Peter Gade 5 5
England Susan Whetnall 3 2 5
England Mike Tredgett 3 2 5
Denmark Jens Eriksen 4 1 5
England Nora Perry 2 2 4
England Gillian Clark 3 1 4
England Martin Dew 1 3 4
Denmark Michael Søgaard 4 4
Denmark Rikke Olsen 1 3 4

Medal count

 Rank  Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  Denmark 635666185
2  England 433452129
3  Sweden 12194879
4  Germany 7102239
5  Netherlands 372535
6  Russia* 22710
6  Spain 2002
8  Poland 1168
9   Switzerland 1001
10  Wales 0134
11  France 0123
12  Scotland 0066
13  Belgium 0011
13  Bulgaria 0011
13  Turkey 0011

* included medals won by the USSR and the CIS


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