Euroland (store)

Euroland is a Dutch variety store chain. It currently has 34 branches across the country.[1]


In 1997, the first 2.50 Shop opened its doors, selling everything for ƒ2.50. In 2001, the similar shop called Knaakland ("knaak" was a ƒ2.50 coin) was bought by the 2.50 Shop chain. Both shops kept their original name until the introduction of the euro, less than a year later. Both shops were rebranded to Euroland, using a logo similar to that of Knaakland, and initially selling everything for a euro.

As the assortment expanded, the initial €1-only policy was dropped, and other, more expensive goods appeared. Nowadays however, everything on the side walls are €1 with more expensive goods rather in the middle of the store.[2] This distinction should avoid confusion.

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  1. Euroland branches
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