Eumsik dimibang

Eumsik dimibang

The cover of Eumsik dimibang
Korean name
Hangul 음식디미방 / 규곤시의방
Hanja 飮食知味方 / 閨壼是議方
Revised Romanization Eumsik dimibang / Gyugon siuibang
McCune–Reischauer Umsik timipang / Kyugon siuipang

The Eumsik dimibang or Gyugon siuibang is a Korean cookbook written around 1670 by Lady Jang (張氏, 1598~1680) from Andong Clan, Gyeongsang Province during the Joseon Dynasty. The author was in the noble yangban class and the book is a manuscript written in hangul (Korean alphabet). Eumsik dimibang encompasses Korean cuisine in general and deals with various ways of storing foods. The book also has 51 different entries related to traditional alcoholic beverages. Since the book is the oldest and detailed cookbook written by a woman in Korean history, it is considered a valuable document for researching Korean cuisine.[1][2][3][4]

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