Pharmacokinetic data
Biological half-life 14 hours[1]
Synonyms Leo 271 f
CAS Number 62899-40-5
PubChem (CID) 124946
ChemSpider 111241
Chemical and physical data
Formula C23H29Cl2NO3
Molar mass 438.38726 g/mol
3D model (Jmol) Interactive image

Estromustine (developmental code name Leo 271 f), also known as estrone 17β-3-N-bis(2-chloroethyl)carbamate or estrone-cytostatic complex,[2] is both the main metabolite and an important active metabolite of the cystotatic estrogen and nitrogen mustard alkylating antineoplastic agent estramustine, a drug used in the treatment of prostate cancer.[1][3]

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