Estonian National Road Race Championships

The champion's jersey

The Estonian National Road Race Championship is a road bicycle race that takes place inside the Estonian National Cycling Championship, and decides the best cyclist in this type of race. The first edition took place in 1997. The first race winner was Oskari Kargu in 1997. Jaan Kirsipuu holds the record for the most wins in the men's championship with 5; Alo Jakin is the current champion. The women's record is held by Grete Treier with 5 wins.

Multiple winners

Wins Name Years
5 Jaan Kirsipuu 1998, 1999, 2002, 2005, 2008
3 Erki Pütsep 2004, 2006, 2007
2Janek Tombak 2001, 2003
Rein Taaramäe 2009, 2013

Wins Name Years
5 Grete Treier 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012
2 Liisi Rist 2013, 2014


Erki Pütsep in the champions jersey.


Year Gold Silver Bronze
1997 Oskari Kargu Allan Oras Andrus Aug
1998 Jaan Kirsipuu Janek Tombak Lauri Aus
1999 Jaan Kirsipuu Andrus Aug Allan Oras
2000 Lauri Aus Jaan Kirsipuu Janek Tombak
2001 Janek Tombak Jaan Kirsipuu Andrus Aug
2002 Jaan Kirsipuu Andri Lebedev Janek Tombak
2003 Janek Tombak Lauri Aus Erki Pütsep
2004 Erki Pütsep Janek Tombak Oskari Kargu
2005 Jaan Kirsipuu Erki Pütsep Janek Tombak
2006 Erki Pütsep Allan Oras Andrei Mustonen
2007 Erki Pütsep Jaan Kirsipuu Allan Oras
2008 Jaan Kirsipuu Kalle Kriit Erki Pütsep
2009 Rein Taaramäe Sander Maasing Erki Pütsep
2010 Kalle Kriit Tanel Kangert Jaan Kirsipuu
2011 Mart Ojavee Martin Puusepp Tanel Kangert
2012 Tanel Kangert Gert Jõeäär Rein Taaramäe
2013 Rein Taaramäe Silver Schultz Ivo Suur
2014 Alo Jakin Gert Jõeäär Risto Raid
2015 Gert Jõeäär Rein Taaramäe Endrik Puntso
2016 Mihkel Räim Silver Mäoma Alo Jakin



Year Gold Silver Bronze
2007 Grete Treier Maaris Meier Laura Lepasalu
2008 Grete TreierLaura Lepasalu Liisa Ehrberg
2009 Liisa Ehrberg Maaris Meier Laura Lepasalu
2010 Grete Treier Liisa Ehrberg Kristel Koort
2011 Grete Treier Liisi Rist Kristel Koort
2012 Grete Treier Liisi Rist Liisa Ehrberg
2013 Liisi Rist Kristel Koort Liisa Ehrberg
2014 Liisi Rist Liisa Ehrberg Kristel Koort

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