Ernesto Köhler

Ernesto Köhler
Born December 4, 1849
Modena, Italy
Died March 17, 1907(1907-03-17) (aged 57)
Saint Petersburg
Occupation Flautist, Composer

Ernesto Köhler (December 4, 1849 – March 17, 1907) was an Italian flautist and composer. He was considered one of the best flautists of his era.[1]

Born in Modena, Köhler was taught the flute by his father, Venceslau Joseph Köhler, who was the first flute of the Duke of Modena's orchestra.[1] He moved to Vienna in 1869 as a flautist, and then became a member of the orchestra of the Imperial Opera in Saint Petersburg beginning in 1871. He also led the orchestra of the Imperial Institute of Engineering and taught at the Prinz Oldenburg Institute.[2]

Noted as a composer for flute, Köhler wrote over 100 works for the instrument: études, duets, and solos. He also produced an opera and several ballets. He is well known among flute players for "Flöten-Schule" (c. 1880), his popular method for learning the flute, and for Progress in Flute Playing (his Opus 33, published in the 1880s), a series of three progressive instructional books for the flute player.

Ernesto Köhler died in Saint Petersburg on March 17, 1907.[1]



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