Ermesinde of Luxembourg, Countess of Namur

Ermesinde of Luxembourg
Spouse(s) Albert of Moha
Godfrey I, Count of Namur
Noble family House of Ardennes-Verdun
Father Conrad I, Count of Luxembourg
Mother Clementia of Aquitaine
Born c.1080
Died 24 June 1143(1143-06-24)

Ermesinde of Luxembourg (c.1080 24 June 1143) was a German noblewoman.


She was a daughter of Count Conrad I of Luxembourg and his wife Clementia of Aquitaine. After the death of her nephew Conrad II in 1136, there were no surviving males in the House of Ardennes-Verdun and she inherited the counties of Luxembourg and Longwy. However, she immediately abdicated in favour of her son Henry IV and never actually ruled.

She is primarily known because she made a number of donations to churches and monasteries. Towards the end of her life, she retired to a monastery.

First marriage

In 1096, Ermesinde married Albert of Moha (c.1065 24 August 1098), Count of Dagsburg, Eguisheim, Metz and Moha, and vogt of Altorf. This was his second marriage; he had earlier been married to Heilwig of Eguisheim. From his first marriage, he had a son named Hugh, who would later succeed him. Albert and Ermesinde had two daughters together:

Second marriage

In 1109, Ermesinde remarried to Godfrey I, Count of Namur, the oldest son of Albert III, Count of Namur. This was his second marriage, too; he had earlier been married to Sibylle of Porcien. He had two daughters from his first marriage; which ended in divorce in 1104, when Sibylle was pregnant from her lover Engelram I of Coucy.

Godfrey and Ermesinde had the following children together:

Ermesinde of Luxembourg
Born: c.1080
Preceded by
Conrad II
Countess of Luxembourg
Succeeded by
Henry IV
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