Erich Fried Prize

The Erich Fried Prize (German: Erich-Fried-Preis) is a literary prize in honour of the Austrian poet Erich Fried, and is awarded annually by the International Erich Fried Association for Literature and Language, based in Vienna. The value of the prize, endowed by the office of the Chancellor of Austria, is 14,600 euros. Each year the trustees of the Erich Fried Association select a juror, who nominates the winner of the prize for that year.

Jurors and Recipients

Year Juror Recipient
1990 Hans Mayer Christoph Hein
1991 Ernst Jandl Bodo Hell
1992 Christa Wolf Paul Parin
1993 Walter Jens Robert Schindel
1994 Adolf Muschg Jörg Steiner
1995 Friederike Mayröcker   Elke Erb
1996 György Konrád Paul Nizon
1997 Ilse Aichinger Gert Jonke
1998 Volker Braun Bert Papenfuß
1999 Elfriede Jelinek Elfriede Gerstl
2000 György Dalos Klaus Schlesinger
2001 Brigitte Kronauer Otto A. Böhmer
2002 Christina Weiss Oskar Pastior
2003 Robert Schindel Robert Menasse
2004 Wilhelm Genazino Brigitte Oleschinski
2005 Christoph Ransmayr Yaak Karsunke
2006 Michael Krüger Marcel Beyer
2007 Ilma Rakusa Peter Waterhouse
2008 Katja Lange-Müller Alois Hotschnig
2009 Josef Winkler Esther Dischereit
2010 Urs Widmer Terézia Mora
2011 Barbara Frischmuth Thomas Stangl

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