Equipment manager

An equipment manager is an overseer of a fleet of equipment used by a business or organization to oversee, maintain, repair, and often procure or liquidate, an inventory of equipment. In sports, an equipment manager is a person who is in charge of a sports team's equipment. In professional and collegiate sports, this is usually a full-time job and includes transportation, laundry, repairs and regular service (such as sharpening of skates for ice hockey).

Sports equipment

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Association football (soccer)

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In association football, the kit manager or kit man oversees the players' equipment.


In golf, the equipment manager oversees the fleet of equipment used on the golf course for turf management. This may include:

And numerous other pieces of equipment a Golf Course or the Turf Care industry employs.

The term has also been used less frequently as a synonym with "Fleet Manager" (fleet management).

Ice hockey

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