Entrepreneur (magazine)

Editor-in-Chief Jason Feifer
Frequency Monthly
Total circulation
(June 2012)
Year founded 1977
Company Entrepreneur Media, Inc.
Country United States
Based in Irvine, California
Language English
Website www.entrepreneur.com
ISSN 0163-3341

Entrepreneur is a North American magazine and website that carries news stories about entrepreneurship, small business management, and business. The magazine was first published in 1977.[2][3] It is published by Entrepreneur Media Inc., headquartered in Irvine, California.[4] The magazine publishes 12 issues annually, available through subscription and on newsstands. It is published under license internationally in Mexico, Russia, India, Hungary, the Philippines and South Africa and others.[5] Its editor-in-chief is Jason Feifer and its owner is Peter Shea.[6]


Every year since 1979, Entrepreneur has published a list of its top 500 franchise companies based on a submission and review process.[7] The magazine also published many other lists and awards.

In 1987, the magazine launched its website, Entrepreneur.com, which expanded to include features, contests and other publications and spin-offs.[8] As of 2013, the website received more than 6 million unique visitors each month.[9]


Entrepreneur publishes the Entrepreneur StartUps magazine, available through subscription and on newsstands.[10]

The magazine publishes a blog managed by a dedicated online staff.[11] It is also published in digital editions through its mobile apps.[12]

In 1999, the website YoungEntrepreneur.com was created as a spin-off of Entrepreneur.com. It is an online forum for young entrepreneurs.[13]

In 2010, Entrepreneur launched the website SecondAct.com, which is targeted towards an older audience. When launched, the site used advertising as its sole source of revenue.[14]

Entrepreneur also publishes books through its Entrepreneur Press division. The company has a backlist of over 200 titles on business and entrepreneurship.[15]


In 2006, unusual web traffic measurements led to allegations that Entrepreneur.com used pop-ups to artificially boost its number of readers.[16]

The company has been involved in many lawsuits regarding its trademark on the word 'entrepreneur', suing a wide variety of entities for using the word.[17] The trademark has generally attracted criticism for being on a commonly used word for which there is no substitute, and the aggressiveness with which it is applied has been noted as somewhat ironic; Business Week asked "why would the publisher of Entrepreneur magazine be bullying entrepreneurs?"[18]


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