Eniac (record producer)

Eniac (born Robert Borrmann) is a German composer and record producer, specializing in house music and techno. He is the writer and co-producer of several progressive house and progressive trance tracks, working collaboratively with other artists. He also produced gabber and psychedelic pop.

His first songs consisted of "My Way" and "Planet Love", From this his first EP was called "My Way to Planet Love". He then had his breakthrough with the hit "In Your Face" , with sounds resembling that of "The Prodigy".

Eniac created Tomcraft's hit[1] "Loneliness" and "Prosac", and has worked with Niels Van Gogh on the tracks "Pulverturm" and "Doppelgänger". He was a member of Novy vs. Eniac; a short-lived collaboration with Tom Novy producing minor hits "Superstar", "Someday > Somehow", "Pumpin ..." and "Smoke This".

In July 2015 he released the single "People are People" on Motor Digital, Berlin.


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