England women's national rugby league team

England Lionesses
Nickname England Lionesses
Governing body Rugby Football League
Region Europe
RLIF ranking 3rd
World Cup
Appearances 1
Best result Round-Robin, 2013

The England women's national rugby league team, also known as the England Lionesses, represents England in Women's rugby league. They are administered by the Rugby Football League. Traditionally a predominantly white kit is worn including white shorts and socks. However the shirt usually features some form of red, like red stripes, crosses or chevrons. These colours are similar to other English sporting teams and are the colours used on the national flag. In 2008 a new kit was introduced featuring a red cross on the front and red strips down the sides of the shirt, shorts and socks were white too with red strips. Also in 2008 the Rugby Football League chose to abandon the traditional English lion on the badge in favour of a much simpler shield and cross design, nevertheless the team will still be known as "The Lionesses".



Chris Chapman Head Coach Thomas Brindle Assistance Coach

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