Engineering education in Taiwan

Engineering is one of the most popular majors among universities in Taiwan. The engineering degrees are over a quarter of the bachelor's degrees in Taiwan. Because high-technology manufacturing is the main industry in Taiwan, there are many career opportunities for engineering majors in the country.[1]

Engineering Majors

Out of the top fifty popular majors in Taiwanese Universities, there are eleven engineering majors in the list.

Number Majors Popularity
3 Electrical Engineering 34,846
5 Information Technology 30,874
6 Electronic Engineering 30,255
7 Mechanical Engineering 30,029
13 Industrial Engineering 13,073
22 Civil Engineering 8,493
28 Chemical and Material Engineering 6,465
29 Communicational Engineering 6,127
31 Chemical Engineering 5,854
33 Architectural Engineering 5,814
38 Computer Engineering 4,925
total 176,755/609256

National Engineering Universities

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