Enchanted Forest Chronicles

The Enchanted Forest Chronicles is a series of four young adult fantasy novels by Patricia C. Wrede titled Dealing with Dragons, Searching for Dragons, Calling on Dragons, and Talking to Dragons. Additionally, the Book of Enchantments includes one short story titled Utensile Strength. Additionally, the Book of Enchantments also includes a short story titled The Princess and The Cat which takes place in the Enchanted Forest universe, but does not involve any of the familiar characters. Patricia C. Wrede does "hope" to author a fifth Enchanted Forest novel once her current book contracts have been fulfilled.[1]

Dealing with Dragons and Searching for Dragons were also published in the UK under the titles Dragonsbane and Dragon Search.


Dealing with Dragons

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In which Princess Cimorene of the kingdom of Linderwall decides that being a princess is too boring and confining, leaves home to work for the dragon Kazul, and discovers and subsequently dissolves a plot by the wizards to take control of the King of the Dragons.

Searching for Dragons

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In which Cimorene meets the King of the Enchanted Forest, Mendanbar. With their new friends, they collaborate to rescue Kazul—now the King of the Dragons—from the wizards who have captured her in the Enchanted Forest.

Calling on Dragons

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In which Morwen discovers that the wizards have stolen Mendanbar's sword, which kept them from stealing the Enchanted Forest's magic, and works with Cimorene to retrieve it.

Talking to Dragons

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In which Daystar, Cimorene and Mendanbar's son, is sent off into the forest with his father's sword and no knowledge of his heritage. It was written and published first, and then revised later to better fit with the prequel books.

Utensile Strength

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In which Mendanbar, Cimorene, and Daystar must determine what to do with the Frying Pan of Doom. This short story occurs after the events of Talking to Dragons.

Main characters




Minor characters

Non-Dragon People

Various fairies, elves, giants and dwarves appear throughout the series, and are considered as people.




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