Emmanuel de Rougé

The Viscount Olivier-Charles-Camille-Emmanuel de Rouge, born 11 April 1811 (Paris) and died 27 December 1872 (Château de Bois-Dauphin to Precigne, Sarthe) was an Egyptologist[1] and philologist French member of the House of Rougé.

He was the son of Charles Camille Augustin de Rouge, fifth Earl de Rouge, Count of Plessis-Bellièr, Marquis du Fay and Adelaide Charlotte Dove Gate Riantz (1790–1852).

He was a member of the Order of the Legion of Honour, member of the Institut de France, curator of the Egyptian Museum of the Louvre (1849), State Councillor (1854) and professor archeology Egyptian at the Collège de France (1864). He is the author of several books on Egypt and its history.[2]

Busts of Viscount Emmanuel are held in the Louvre and the Museum of Cairo in Egypt.



Preceded by
Charles Lenormant
Chair of Egyptian
Philology and Archeology at
the Collège de France

Succeeded by
Gaston Maspero
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