Embutido (Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese), enchido (European Portuguese) or embotit (Catalan) is one of the many varieties of cured, dry sausages found in the cuisines of Iberia and the former Spanish and Portuguese colonies.

Meanwhile in the Philippines, There are a lot of processed Pork Embutido here in the country nowadays (including Meatloaf), but in case you want to make one, this is surely going to guide you. Embutido is made with ground pork, eggs, tomato sauce, pickles, red and green bell peppers, carrots, cheddar cheese, onion, salt and pepper and bread crumbs (for the Embutido to be able to mold itself once you open it before frying). For the bread crumbs, you can tear bread using your bare hands, turn the bread into crumbs by using a food processor or buy store-bought bread crumbs.[1]

Specific varieties include:

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