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Sudan elects on national level a head of state - the president - and a legislature. In the most recent election of 2010, there were two presidential elections, one for the Presidency of the Republic of Sudan and one for the Presidency of the Government of Southern Sudan. Elections for the unicameral, 360-member National Assembly were last held in December 2000.

The newly formed National Legislature, whose members were chosen in mid-2005, has two chambers. The National Assembly (Majlis Watani) consists of 450 appointed members who represent the government, former rebels, and other opposition political parties. The Council of States (Majlis Welayat) has 50 members who are indirectly elected by state legislatures. All members of the National Legislature serve six-year terms.

Sudan is a one party dominant state with the National Congress in power. Opposition parties are allowed, but are widely considered to have no real chance of gaining power.

Latest elections

2010 Presidential election

 Summary of the 11–15 April 2010 Sudanese presidential election results
Candidate Party Votes %
Omar Hassan al-Bashir National Congress 6,901,694 68.24%
Yasir Arman SPLM 2,193,82 21.69%
Abdullah Deng Nhial Popular Congress Party 396,139 3.92%
Hatim Al-Sir Democratic Unionist Party 195,668 1.93%
Sadiq al-Mahdi Umma Party 96,868 0.96%
Kamil Idriss Independent 77,132 0.76%
Mahmood Ahmed Jeha Independent 71,708 0.71%
Mubarak al-Fadil Umma Reform and Renewal Party 49,402 0.49%
Munir Sheikh El-din Jallab New National Democratic Party 40,277 0.40%
Abdel-Aziz Khalid Sudanese National Alliance 34,592 0.34%
Fatima Abdel Mahmoud Sudanese Socialist Democratic Union 30,562 0.30%
Muhammad Ibrahim Nugud Sudanese Communist Party 26,442 0.26%
Total 10,114,310 100.00%
Sources: Sudan Tribune

2010 Parliamentary election

Party Votes % Seats +/–
National Congress 323–32
Sudan People's Liberation Movement 99+99
Popular Congress Party 4+4
Democratic Unionist Party +4+4
Umma Federal Party 3+3
Umma Renewal and Reform Party 2+2
Democratic Unionist Party–Original 2+2
Sudan People's Liberation Movement - Democratic Change 2New
Other parties 4New
Independents 3–2
Total 450+90
Source: African Elections Database

Past elections

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