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Elections in Equatorial Guinea gives information on election and election results in Equatorial Guinea.

Equatorial Guinea elects on national level a head of state - the president - and a legislature. The president is elected for a seven-year term by the people. President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo was re-elected unopposed on 15 December 2002. The Chamber of People's Representatives (Cámara de Representantes del Pueblo) has 100 members, elected for a five-year term by proportional representation in multi-member constituencies.

Equatorial Guinea is a one party dominant state. This means that only one political party, the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea (PDGE) is de facto allowed to hold effective power. Although minor parties are allowed, they are de facto required to accept the leadership of the dominant party.

2008 election

In the May 2008 parliamentary election, the PDGE won 99 seats and the opposition Convergence for Social Democracy won one seat.[1]

The next presidential election is scheduled for 2010.[2]

Latest elections

2008 parliamentary election

 Summary of the 4 May 2008 Equatorial Guinean Chamber of People's Representatives election results
Parties Seats
Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea (Partido Democrático de Guinea Ecuatorial) 99
Democratic Opposition in alliance with PDGE
Convergence for Social Democracy (Convergencia para la Democracia Social) 1
Total (turnout %) 100
Source: jeuneafrique.com

2009 presidential election

 Summary of the 29 November 2009 President of Equatorial Guinea election results
Candidate Party Votes %
Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea (Partido Democrático de Guinea Ecuatorial) 260,462 95.36
Plácido Micó Abogo Convergence for Social Democracy (Convergencia para la Democracia Social) 9,700 3.55
Archivaldo Montero Biribé Popular Union (Unión Popular) 931 0.34
Buenaventura Moswi M´Asumu Nsegue Party of the Social Democratic Coalition (Coalición Socialdemócrata Baboro) 462 0.17
Carmelo Mba Bacale Popular Action (Acción Popular) 437 0.16
Valid votes 271,992 99.58
Blank and invalid votes 1,163 0.43
Total (turnout 93.35%) 273,127 100
Source: Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism

Past elections

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