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Elections in Andorra gives information on election and election results in Andorra.

Andorra elects on national level a legislature. The General Council (Consell General) has 28 members, elected for a four-year term, 14 in two-seat constituencies (parishes) and 14 by proportional representation. Andorra has a multi-party system, with two strong parties and a third party that is electorally successful.

Latest elections

 Summary of the 3 April 2011 Andorran General Council election results
Parties and alliances Votes % Seats
Democrats for Andorra (Demòcrates per Andorra)
  • with United for Progress (Units per al Progrés) in Encamp
8,553 55.15 20
Social Democratic Party (Partit Socialdemòcrata)
5,397 34.80 6
Andorra for Change (Andorra pel Canvi) 1,040 6.71
Greens of Andorra (Els Verds d'Andorra) 520 3.35
Lauredian Union (Unió Laurediana)* 2
Total (turnout 74.12%) 15,510 100.00 28
Invalid votes 164
Blank votes 523
Total votes 16,197
Registered voters 21,852
Numbers of votes and percentages are for the respective national list. Numbers of seats include seats won by the parish lists.
* parish lists only
Source: Government of Andorra.

Past elections and referendums

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