Election Office (Iran)

Election Office
Election commission overview
Jurisdiction Iran
Headquarters Tehran, Iran
Minister responsible
Election commission executive
  • Mohammad-Hossein Moghimi, Head[1]
Parent department Ministry of Interior

The Election Office (Persian: ستاد انتخابات کشور) is the body charged for implementation of election procedures in Iran and is subordinate to the Ministry of Interior.[1]

List of Heads

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Date appointed Name Elections held Minister President
1997 Mostafa Tajzadeh 1998 experts
1999 councils
2000 parliament
Abdolvahed Mousavi Lari Mohammad Khatami
2001Morteza Moballegh2001 president
2003 councils
2004 parliament
2005 president
7 October 2006[2] Mojtaba Samareh Hashemi2006 councils/experts Mostafa Pourmohammadi Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
24 November 2007[3] Alireza Afshar2008 parliament
16 March 2009[4] Kamran Daneshjoo2009 presidentSadegh Mahsouli
17 May 2011[5] Sowlat Mortazavi2012 parliament
2013 president
Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar
12 April 2015[6] Mohammad-Hossein Moghimi2016 parliament/expertsAbdolreza Rahmani FazliHassan Rouhani

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