El premio mayor

El premio mayor
Genre Telenovela
Written by Emilio Larrosa
Verónica Suárez
Alejandro Pohlenz
Directed by Salvador Garcini
Carlos Suárez
Carlos Miguel
Starring Carlos Bonavides
Laura León
Sergio Goyri
Sasha Sokol
Claudio Báez
Marcelo Buquet
Opening theme "El premio mayor" by Laura León
Ending theme "Mi premio mayor" by Sasha Sokol
Country of origin Mexico
Original language(s) Spanish (1995-1996)
No. of episodes 190
Executive producer(s) Emilio Larrosa
Cinematography José Luis Gómez Alegría
Original network Canal de las Estrellas
Original release September 4, 1995 (1995-09-04) – May 24, 1996 (1996-05-24)
Preceded by Bajo un mismo rostro
Followed by Morir dos veces

El premio mayor, is a Mexican telenovela produced by Emilio Larrosa and written by Verónica Suárez and Alejandro Pohlenz.[1]

Carlos Bonavides, Laura León, Sergio Goyri and Sasha Sokol star as the main protagonists, while Claudio Báez, Lorena Herrera, Martha Julia and Rodrigo Vidal as the main antagonists.


Huicho Domínguez (Carlos Bonavides), a worker in lower-class Mexican, uneducated, macho and womanizer, obtained the national lottery jackpot. Buy a mansion of luxury, full of flamboyant items of bad taste and begins to go crazy with the money. You must somehow find a way between the seductive aura of its recent wealth - and the beautiful gold-digger that appear behind it - and not to lose the love of Rebecca (Laura Leon), his wife and lover of life.

Next to them is Rosario (Sasha Sokol), a good and noble girl who was adopted by Rebeca and Huicho. She receives humiliation and mistreatment by their half-brothers and the same Huicho. However, Rebecca is good and sweet with it to the extent of considering it his own daughter. Rosario has a boyfriend (Rodrigo Vidal) Diego, who seems to be the ideal and love it too, but ends up becoming its executioner when his boss, Jorge (Sergio Goyri) a journalist unfortunate in life, falls for her by chance.

The new rich Huicho begins to use his money to attract women and have adventures with the support of his son mayor Luis Gerardo (Sergio Sendel), who has always been interested in Rosario and becomes another obstacle for the romance between her and George, who has two siblings, Lorenzo (Marcelo Buquet) and Sergio (Claudio Báez): the first is goodnoble and supports the relationship of Rosario and his brother, while the second is evil, jealous of Lorenzo and together with his sister-in-law and mistress Antonia (Lorena Herrera) and his daughter the sensual and rebellious Deborah (Sussan Taunton) have been responsible for countless misdeeds, including that Jorge has lost his family.

The problems come when the adventures of Huicho begin to come to light, mainly with the sensual and interested Consuelo (Martha Julia), Lorenzo starts to feel something more than friendship for Rebecca, Luis Gerardo leads to limit their desire for Rosario, who wants to find out about his past, which is jealously protected by Cristina (Luz María Jerez) and Patricia (Gabriela Araujo) mysterious Rebecca and Antonia premiums disappeared widow of his father is his old ex-soon, Gabriel (Héctor Suárez Gomís), who suspects that she is Florence, who is the main suspect of the murder of this, and who also loves to Rosario.


  • Laura León as Rebeca Molina de Domínguez
  • Carlos Bonavides as Luis "Huicho" Domínguez
  • Sergio Goyri as Jorge Domensain
  • Sasha Sokol as Rosario 'Charo' Domínguez
  • Lorena Herrera as Antonia Fernández de Domensain / Amelia de Bausate / Florencia de Robledo / Roberta de Reyes Retana / Isabel Villagrán
  • Claudio Báez as Sergio Domensain
  • Luz María Jerez as Cristina Molina
  • Sergio Sendel as Luis Gerardo Domínguez
  • Rodrigo Vidal as Diego Rodríguez
  • Martha Julia as Consuelo Flores
  • José Ángel García as Esteban Mirélez
  • Marcelo Buquet as Lorenzo Domensain
  • Sussan Taunton as Déborah Domensain
  • Leonor Llausás as Doña Anita López de Domínguez
  • Yaxkin Santalucía as Pepe Domínguez
  • Diego Luna as Quique Domínguez
  • Elsa Navarrete as Concepción 'Conchita' Domínguez
  • Irina Areu as Tracy Smith
  • Gabriela Araujo as Patricia Molina
  • Magdalena Cabrera as Fulgencia Pérez
  • Mónica Dossetti as Karla Greta Reyes Retana y de las Altas Torres
  • Héctor Suárez Gomis as Gabriel Robledo
  • Yolanda Ciani as Gladis
  • Roberto Tello as El Carnicero/ Ángel Gómez
  • Sergio DeFassio as Cosme Gutiérrez / Demetrio Iregaray de Fuentes y Mares
  • Ricardo Silva as Agustín Villagrán
  • Carlos Durán as Don Federico Estrada
  • Antonio Escobar as Rodrigo
  • Lorena Tassinari as Reyna Sánchez (#1)
  • Gabriela Arroyo as Reyna Sánchez (#2)
  • Patricia Álvarez as Mimí
  • José Luis Rojas as Hipólito 'Cachito'
  • Anghel as Etelvina
  • Alfonso Mier y Terán as Tobi Reyes Retana
  • Alejandro Villeli as Aristóteles
  • Marita de Lara as Pocahontas
  • José Antonio Iturriaga as Nemesio
  • Anthony Álvarez as El Tiburón
  • Perla Encinas as Elizabeth Dominguez Molina
  • Laura Forastieri as Irene
  • Luis Couturier as Anthony Wilson
  • Marina Marín as Bety
  • Rodrigo Ruiz as Carlos Fernández
  • Rodrigo Abed as Gustavo
  • Galilea Montijo as Lilí
  • Ramón Valdés Urtiz as Jorgito Domensain
  • Marco Antonio Regil as Toño
  • Francisco Mendoza as Alex
  • Salvador Garcini as Juan
  • Vanessa Angers as Gema
  • Dinorah Cavazos as Iris
  • Annette Cuburu as Tracy
  • Jorge Becerril as José Ospina
  • Oyuki Manjarrez as Lolita
  • Fernando Manzano as El Hidráulico
  • Osvaldo Benavides as Chicles
  • Zayda Castellón as Pascuala
  • Ranferi Negrete as Damián
  • Juan Romanca as Comandante Hugo Ortega
  • Rodolfo de Alejandre as Pollo
  • Sylvia Valdés as Ruperta
  • Iván Perea as El Perico / Omar Sánchez
  • Mónica Prado as Mamá de Mimí
  • Alejandro Avila as Hugo
  • Octavio Menduet as Comandante Torres
  • Mariana Huerdo as Andrea
  • Jonathan as Jonathan
  • Archie Lafranco as Daniel


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