El Manaqil

El Manaqil is a city in Al Jazirah state in the Sudan. Its population as of the controversial 2008 census was 99,775. Some estimates say the population is about 143,000; World Gazetteer estimated it in 2012 at 137,739. Either way it is the second largest city in Al Jazirah state after Wad Medani. It is also the capital of the El Manaqil District (subdivision of the Sudanese states). The city is a retail and services center in the center of the irrigated agricultural region (including cotton, wheat, sorghum).

Historical populations

1973 census 15,223
1983 census 36,090
1993 census 65,405


Coordinates: 14°15′N 32°59′E / 14.250°N 32.983°E / 14.250; 32.983

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