Elazığ Province

Elâzığ Province
Elazığ ili
Province of Turkey

Location of Elâzığ Province in Turkey
Country Turkey
Region Central East Anatolia
Subregion Malatya
  Electoral district Elâzığ
  Governor Muammer Erol
  Total 8,455 km2 (3,264 sq mi)
Population (2010-12-31)[1]
  Total 568,753
  Density 67/km2 (170/sq mi)
Area code(s) 00424
Vehicle registration 23
Website elazig.gov.tr

Elâzığ Province (Turkish: Elâzığ ili) is a province of Turkey with its seat in the city of Elâzığ. The source of the Euphrates river is located in this province.

The province had a population of 568,753 in 2014. The population of the province was 569,616 in 2000 and 498,225 in 1990. The total area of the province is 8,455 square kilometres (3,264 sq mi), 826 km2 (319 sq mi) of which is covered by reservoirs and natural lakes.

The current governor of the province is Muammer Erol (since 2006). Turks and Zazas are majority in the province.[2]


Elâzığ stretches in a general west-southwest to east-northeast direction, along the line of equal geographic latitude and longitude.


Elazığ districts

Elâzığ province is divided into 11 districts (capital district in bold):


Historically, Elazığ Province produced silver, which ceased being mined in 1885. The Turkish government attempted to modernize the mines; however, the cost of fuel and energy caused the shut down. There was a silver mine still producing in 1903 in Palu, as with coal. Coal is also found in other areas of the province. Gold and salt was also produced.[3]


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