Ekkehard Arendt

Ekkehard Arendt
Born 10 June 1892
Vienna, Austro-Hungarian Empire
Died 10 May 1954 (1954-05-11) (aged 61)
Vienna, Austria
Occupation Film actor
Stage actor
Years active 1927–1951 (film)

Ekkehard Arendt (10 June 1892 – 10 May 1954) was an Austrian stage and film actor. Arendt served in the Austrian Army during the First World War, before moving to Germany to work in the theatre and film industry. He played the role of Handel Vane in Alfred Hitchcock's 1931 film Mary[1] and the dishonest bank director in The Virtuous Sinner (1931).[2] Arendt later returned to live in Austria.

Selected filmography


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