Lednice Palace
Country Czech Republic
Region South Moravia
District Břeclav
Elevation 173 m (568 ft)
Coordinates CZ 48°47′59″N 16°48′12″E / 48.79972°N 16.80333°E / 48.79972; 16.80333Coordinates: CZ 48°47′59″N 16°48′12″E / 48.79972°N 16.80333°E / 48.79972; 16.80333
Area 31.27 km2 (12.07 sq mi)
Population 2,320 (As of 1 January 2012)
Density 74/km2 (192/sq mi)
First mentioned 1212
Mayor Libor Kabát
Postal code 691 44
UNESCO World Heritage Site
Name Lednice–Valtice Cultural Landscape
Year 1996 (#20)
Number 763
Region Europe and North America
Criteria i, ii, iv
Location in the Czech Republic
Wikimedia Commons: Lednice
Lednice – 1980

Lednice (Czech pronunciation: [ˈlɛdɲɪtsɛ]; German: Eisgrub) is a village in South Moravia in the Czech Republic. In 1996 it was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List (together with the twin manor of Valtice) as "an exceptional example of the designed landscape that evolved in the Enlightenment and afterwards under the care of a single family." It contains a palace and the largest park in the country, which covers 200 km².

Since Lednice/Eisgrub first passed into the hands of the House of Liechtenstein in the mid-13th century, its fortunes had been tied inseparably to those of that noble family. The palace of Lednice began its life as a Renaissance villa; in the 17th century it became a summer residence of the ruling Princes of Liechtenstein. The estate house – designed and furbished by baroque architects Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach, Domenico Martinelli, and Anton Johan Ospel – proclaimed rural luxury on the grandest scale. In 1846–58 it was extensively rebuilt in a Neo-Gothic style under the supervision of Georg Wingelmüller.

The surrounding park is laid out in an English garden style and contains a range of Romantic follies by Joseph Hardtmuth, including the artificial ruins of a medieval castle on the bank of the Thaya/Dyje River (1801) and a solitary sixty-metre minaret, reputedly the tallest outside the Muslim world at the time of its construction (1797–1804).

Population development

Census year Population Ethnicity of inhabitants
year German Czechs other
1793 1648
1836 1954
1869 2061
1880 2387 2182 158 47
1890 2280 2072 176 32
1900 2377 2246 99 32
1910 2395 2204 168 23
1921 2501 1828 522 134
1930 2441 1704 628 109
1939 2103


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